Monday, January 3, 2011

Working on it

While I haven't fully completed anything on my list lately, I'm working on a few things.

1.  On Saturday afternoon DH carried all of the empty picture frames we have into my craft room and told me that he wanted to put pictures in them.  Mostly, he wanted to use the new laser level he got for Christmas and that seemed like a good way to do that.  We couldn't do all of them.  I didn't realize how many 5x7 frames we had.  Since we have zero 5x7 photos right now we left those for another day.  We did manage to fill these two:

These were wedding gifts from DH's aunt.  They are now hanging in our house and I love having pictures up.  We put up some of our favorites from our wedding.  I wish it would have occurred to me to have DH use his laser level to put up some of the wall art we also got as wedding gifts.  But I'm happy with this for now. 

2.  I started playing around with a calligraphy book that I picked up for DH years ago.  I didn't realize there were so many fonts so I probably won't be learning all of them (although it looks like it would be easy to transfer the shapes).  I will pick one that I like and try to make all of the letters look pretty.  Then I'll declare that one done.  It needs a lot more work.  Some of the letters look nice.  Others do not.  Some look pretty darn sad. 

3.  It looks like I might finally be getting that storage shelf I've wanted for a while now.  Hopefully I can get it soon so that I don't have to have stuff scattered everywhere.

4.  I'm signed up to take a class at the junior college.  I'm waitlisted so I'm not sure if I'll get in.  I'm a little afraid.  I think I can learn the information easily, but the teacher wasn't exactly the friendliest person I've ever encountered.  I'm a little worried.

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