Sunday, January 9, 2011

Building Things

Today was a very productive day for DH and I.  We got some errands done and then decided that it was time to organize our house a little more.

We started with this,

and this.

Any guesses on what we got?

We got one of these!

I've been wanting to get one of these for a while.  I have so many crafty things that I thought this would be the perfect solution without having to buy a bunch of tools so DH could make me a custom storage shelf.  It was even on sale.

So we spent the day putting it together along with installing a new shelf in the closet of DH's office so he would have some extra space too.  This thing was actually pretty easy to put together.  The instructions weren't the easiest to follow, but the pictures certainly helped.  A husband that understands how to put stuff like this together was helpful as well.

Once it was built, it looked like this:

Those off-colored squares are actually where the wall shows through.  It only has backing for five of the squares.  Please ignore the rest of the mess in the closet.

Then, I spent a couple hours cleaning my craft room, getting rid of stuff, and reorganizing so that this little baby now looks like this:

From left to right, top to bottom we have stamps, scrapbooking tools, fabric, scrapbooking decorations, cards and envelopes, Cricut supplies, random crafts, paint and coloring tools, and pictures and ribbon.  On top is my sewing box, a couple of old disposable cameras that I need to get developed and my iron.

I love having everything in its own little space and it's all so easy to find now.  I just need a better way to store my fabric and I'll be happy. 

How do you organize your crafts?

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