Monday, January 24, 2011

New Goodies

This weekend DH and I went to visit my mom and since she lives very close to much better fabric stores than we have here, I decided to go check them out.  I ended up only making it to her Joann's (which is about twice the size of the other one I've gone to), but I also raided her fabric stash and brought home some pieces that are new to me. 

First, I picked up some flannels.

The hearts are from when I was little.  The snowflakes are one that I picked out when I was about 15, but never ended up using it. 

There's also some pink gingham (also from when I was little).

And some pink eyelet fabric:

Please forgive the wrinkles.  I haven't washed these yet and they were living in boxes for many years.

While at Joann's I picked up a few more fabrics for the quilt I'm going to make for our bed

and some fat quarters too.

Finally I made DH help me pick out a bunch of fabric for his cousin's baby.  We just found out she's having a little girl so I was excited to pick out some girly fabrics.  These are all flannel because I thought a baby blanket should be soft.

The green stripes didn't show up very well (third from left), but they look really cute in person. 

I know this upcoming week is going to be super busy, but after it calms down a bit I'm hoping to be able to really get started on both of these. 

I'll share the progress as I go. 

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