Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Blankets and Burp Cloths

Some friends of ours are having their first baby in July.  They're expecting a little girl and next weekend I'm going to a shower for the mom-to-be.  So I spent the other day making some little goodies for her new little one.

I made a simple blanket.

Both sides are flannel.  One is solid pink and the other is white with green polka dots.  I used a yard and a half of each fabric and just made it as big as possible.  I believe it's 38" x 52".  I would have appliqued the baby's first initial onto one of the corners, but as of now they aren't sure how they're going to spell her name. 

Next I made some embellished burp cloths.

These are really easy to make.  I just measured the center section and added about 3/4" on each side.  The fabric started out at about 20" x 6".  Fat quarters would easily give you two or you could use scraps if you have large enough pieces.  Fold the edges under and sew the fabric in place.  I made two with each fabric. 

I threw in a little sundress and a book to complete the gifts.  I can't wait to celebrate this new little baby next weekend and meet her this summer.

Sewing for babies is so much fun and these projects were really easy.  It felt really good to sew again as I haven't done it since we moved seven months ago.  Now I want to keep going.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ready Player One

I just finished Ready Player One by Ernest Cline yesterday before I went to work.  It's a story that takes place in the future where just about everyone spends their time inside a virtual reality called the OASIS.  When the creator of the OASIS died and leaves behind his fortune to the first person who can solve the clues he's left behind, the search is on.  The book is told from the point of view of Wade Watts, a young man who is one of the people trying to solve the puzzle. 

I loved this book.  It is filled with references to 80s music, games, movies, and television.  I'm sure some of them went over my head, but the ones that I did get were great.  While they add to the story for those who do get them, I don't think someone who was unfamiliar with them would feel like they were missing anything.  It's a very well-told story with interesting characters and lots of plot twists.  While some parts are a little predictable, I still thought it was a great book.  I only wish this weren't his first novel so there would be more to read. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Star Trek Technology

This just made my day!  I was on Pinterest and I happened to find a link to this baby.  It's a real-life working tricorder.  It's still fairly basic.  It's not quite as fancy as the ones they had on Star Trek, but it's a start.  I love being able to see things from Star Trek come to life.  Technology is an amazing thing. 

I've had this conversation with a few other Trekkies about the technology that we use today largely being inspired by things that appeared on Star Trek back as far as the late 60s.  Some of the ideas that they had in the 80s and 90s are spot on with today's tech gadgets.  We have touch-pads, Kindles (and other e-reading devices), and USB drives.  These are all things that showed up in Star Trek long before they hit the stores.  As a huge fan, I love seeing that we're going in that direction. 

Now I just need to convince my husband that we need one of these. 

Sunday, April 1, 2012


We had a brief moment of spring here not too long ago.  It's back to raining (though, fortunately, not snowing anymore).  The seasons seem to be confused.  We had almost no weather for the entire season of winter.  Then two days before spring started we got a crazy snow storm and it has continued storming on and off since then.  Hopefully this weekend will be the last of it. 

Anyway, the husband and I got it into our heads to take care of our lawn, which led to me wanting to plant something colorful in the flowerbeds outside our front window.  So we went off to Lowe's to find a couple flowers.  Then we saw that the vegetable plants were in and we ended up walking out of there with an entire garden's worth of plants.  I got my colorful flowers.  We bought two different kinds of daisies and a bunch of ranunculus* for the window bed.  They look so bright and cheery on the front of our house.  I forgot to take pictures of them though and it's cold outside right now.  Google them if you want to see pretty pictures. 

We also plants tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchini, lettuce, and strawberries.  My husband planted a lemon tree that we desperately want to see grow.  Not only will it give us lemons, but it will block out that neighbor's view of our yard and it was much cheaper than raising that entire fence.  We also have a blueberry plant that is currently homeless in our yard.  If it ever stops raining we'll find it a nice home. 

Now I'm ready for summer and the ability to eat food from my own garden.  And there's only 5 more weeks until our farmer's market starts back up.  I love summer produce.

*Blogger's spell check doesn't recognize this word.  It wants it to be homunculus.  Seeing that made me laugh.  Reminds me of the Big Bang Theory.  Also, if your mom watches the show, don't call her a homunculus, even if she's only five feet tall.  She will not find it nearly as funny as you do.