Thursday, June 30, 2011

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to my wonderful husband!  I am so lucky to have him in my life. 

Since this mostly ends the craziness of June (it'll last until the 4th though), I might actually be able to be back here soon and have something to post other than an update.  Maybe even something I've made.  I've got an itch to be crafty and make something. 

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Update

We had my birthday party last weekend with a bunch of family over.  I got some awesome gifts (including a sewing book that I'm really excited to use to make a new purse) and got to spend time with family, including my brother-in-law's new girlfriend. 

We also found out that our offer on the house got rejected, but we decided to meet the bank at what they wanted (since they weren't willing to take anything else) and we're waiting on final word that we got the house, but it's pretty much good to go.  I can't wait.  DH and I keep thinking about the house and all the projects we want to do once we move in.  I'll share pictures once it's officially ours. 

Also, DH's cousin finally had her baby, but I still haven't finished the baby quilt.  The binding hates me so it's sort of been sitting in a corner waiting for me to try again. 

This is the busiest month of the entire year for us so I may not have projects to share for a while.  I keep thinking I'll have time and then stupid things like laundry get in the way. 

Thursday, June 16, 2011

My birthday!

Yesterday was my birthday.  While I wasn't expecting it to be too thrilling because I had to work and we are planning to have family over on Saturday to celebrate, DH put a lot of effort into it and made me feel really special. 

I got off work late (I work swing shift) so we only had a couple hours together.  I had requested a tri-tip sandwich from our local BBQ place, but they were closed when DH tried to go.  So he went to a nice restaurant in town and convinced them to make a tri-tip sandwich, even though it's not on their menu.  He also bought me some super chocolate ice cream (I don't remember what it's called, but it was awesome) and a cake from the bakery.  It was a lemon blueberry cake on bottom with lemon cheesecake on top.  It might be the best thing I've ever eaten. 

I also got to open my present, which was a brand new ipod touch.  I've never had a new ipod before (always got them used from my dad) and he had it engraved.  He knew my old one kept freezing and it was making me crazy. 

I also brought some cupcakes into work.  I didn't take pictures because they were very plain and I was running late.  Everyone was really nice (I think it was because I loaded them with sugar). 

So overall I had a great birthday.  And I still get to celebrate more because DH took tomorrow off so we can do something fun together and I get to see family on Saturday.  Now I just have to figure out what to get DH since his birthday is only 2 weeks away. 

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Catching up

It's been a while since I posted so I thought I'd give a little update.  I haven't had a moment to blog lately because things have gotten hectic.  My schedule got switched to full-time, which I am really excited about, but it means less time at home to do fun projects.  Also, we put an offer on a house and we've been dealing with that craziness (still waiting on a reply from the bank). 

Last Friday my MIL and I went to a couple fabric stores so she could try to find some fabric to make curtains.  I explored the fun gadgets they had and came home with a couple things that I'm excited to play with.  Hopefully I'll get the chance soon.  I also saw a purse pattern there that I loved, but I'm cheap and realized I could easily make my own without the pattern so I have that project in mind now. 

Also, the countdown is on for my birthday.  It's on Wednesday and I'm excited.  DH ordered my present last night (but I don't know what it is) and I'm planning to make some cupcakes for work that day.  I haven't decided on the flavor, but I'll share them once they're done. 

I'm really hoping to have some time to craft so that I can actually share some stuff on here soon. 

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleaning up at Grandma's

My great-grandmother passed away about a month ago.  She was an awesome lady who lived to 94 and I am fortunate to have had her in my life for almost 24 years.  Yesterday the immediate family all got together at her house so that we could all pick out whatever we wanted to remember her by.  While it was sad to go through her things, it was also a lot of fun to spend time with that part of my family and laugh about the old memories and the crazy stuff she kept.  She even left notes for my cousin not to throw out some spin art that she made when she was probably 10 (which was over 30 years ago). 

I had a great time hanging out with one of my cousins who I hardly ever get to see.  I also took home a few items that belonged to my grandmother.  The main one was one of her platters.  She had a huge collection of dishes and china and pretty much everything you can possibly imagine you might one day need for a fancy dinner party.  In the back of a cabinet we found a gorgeous silver platter that is in desperate need of some polishing, but is otherwise ready to go.  I've been wanting a platter so it's nice to have one of hers. 

DH picked out a few nicknacks while we were there, but the most important thing that we picked out were two of her paintings.  She proudly displayed her artwork on her walls, so they are paintings that I've seen my whole life.  The one that DH picked out wasn't one of my favorites, but it was his, so it's now hanging over our fireplace.  The other one we took home is a beautiful painting of a sunset with lots of oranges and blues.  It sat in her dining room and I remember looking at it during holiday dinners.  I'm happy to have it in my house, it just needs a home now. 

Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm not sure what is going on with this weather, but it really sucks.  It's now June 3rd and it has been gloomy and rainy for several days now with no real chance of it letting up any time soon.  My sweaters should all be in hiding right now, but instead I'm shivering because it's so incredibly cold outside.  I'm ready to be warm.  I'm not asking for 100 degree weather, but the ability to wear flip-flops without freezing my toes off would be nice.  The one bright side is that if we continue our pattern of only moving during the summer it might not be so bad this time. 

Fortunately, everything else is going well.  We got some good news about the house we want.  It's not a guarantee, but our odds are at least a little bit better of getting it.  I'm hoping to hear something soon.  Here's hoping the bank really wants to sell us that house before they have to go through the foreclosure process on it.