My 101 List

  1. Start a blog and post weekly for at least 6 months
  2. have a baby
  3. buy a house
  4. make at least one significant change to that house-paint, tile, etc
  5. spend at least 5 nights in a hotel with my husband (5/5)
  6. read at least 50 books (32/50)
  7. read at least 5 classic novels-based on this list. (1/5)
  8. visit Disneyland
  9. private 1
  10. private 2
  11. visit Yosemite at least twice (2/2)
  12. send international mail
  13. make at least 2 trips to the beach (1/2)
  14. finish scrapbooking our wedding pictures
  15. start and finish scrapbooking our honeymoon pictures
  16. put pictures into all of the empty frames we own and hang them
  17. buy a new comforter
  18. host Christmas at our house
  19. build a storage shelf for my craft collection
  20. visit at least 2 other states
  21. replace our current dishes with new ones
  22. reorganize our filing cabinet
  23. type up all of my cake recipes- including double and half batches- and put them in a binder
  24. get a full-time job
  25. take at least 2 classes at the junior college
  26. learn how to use at least 5 tools in Photoshop
  27. learn to make my own baby food
  28. learn to make at least 10 new recipes (8/10)
  29. develop all of the disposable cameras in our house
  30. go on at least one flight
  31. find decent wall art (not photos) for at least 2 rooms in our house
  32. learn to sew
  33. make at least 1 no-sew blanket
  34. learn at least one new craft- not including sewing
  35. make a stacked cake
  36. learn to cover a cake in fondant and make it smooth
  37. add at least 3 new cake recipes to my collection- must be final versions
  38. make a single batch of filled cupcakes successfully
  39. get a book signed by the author
  40. make at least the top piece of a quilt
  41. learn to can my own food
  42. interview our grandparents and write some of their stories down
  43. create my family tree out to great-great-grandparents
  44. create DH's family tree to the same point
  45. make a family scrapbook with the family tree and pictures of as many people as I can get
  46. try to research my Cherokee and Choctaw heritage
  47. find out my blood type
  48. grow a food-producing plant
  49. prepare a meal with food I've grown
  50. check my immunity level to at least 2 diseases that have vaccines and update vaccines
  51. be able to identify all countries in Europe without labels
  52. be able to identify all countries in Asia without labels
  53. get my passport
  54. use the passport- visit at least one other country
  55. organize my collection of recipes cut out from magazines
  56. make at least 2 new desserts
  57. learn to make a pie crust from scratch
  58. change my name on my bank information
  59. get a new bed
  60. visit at least 5 new cities (2/5)
  61. go camping
  62. dance at a friend's wedding
  63. go on a picnic
  64. go to the zoo
  65. attempt at least one puzzle on each page of an activity book
  66. donate old school supplies to a local elementary school
  67. donate to Toys-for-Tots
  68. get a dog
  69. do a random, anonymous act of kindness
  70. build a fort with my husband
  71. try at least 3 of my great-grandmother's recipes
  72. spend at least 15 hours volunteering per year
  73. surprise my husband with a fun activity
  74. start a weekly date night with my husband and keep it up for a year
  75. finish Christmas shopping before December 1st
  76. make a rainbow cake
  77. buy at least 1 new piece of furniture
  78. go to a baseball game
  79. go to at least 2 local events advertised downtown (2/2)
  80. plant at least 3 new flowering plants
  81. learn to play chess
  82. go to or host a girls night
  83. donate cookies or cake
  84. learn calligraphy
  85. be able to say I've read at least 20 books on the banned book list-at least 5 must be new-reads-based on this list.  (14/20) (1/5)
  86. decorate with an inspirational quote
  87. get rid of all clothing no longer worn in our home
  88. ride a train
  89. give a surprise gift to my husband
  90. visit an aquarium
  91. don't eat out for at least 1 week
  92. learn at least 2 new cake decorating techniques not yet listed
  93. build a snowman taller than 2 feet
  94. create a brochure for my event planning business
  95. get my business license
  96. plan an event for someone else
  97. attend church at least once
  98. have a barbecue at least once
  99. write a thank you note to an old teacher
  100. take a photo every day for a month
  101. go ice skating