Friday, June 3, 2011


I'm not sure what is going on with this weather, but it really sucks.  It's now June 3rd and it has been gloomy and rainy for several days now with no real chance of it letting up any time soon.  My sweaters should all be in hiding right now, but instead I'm shivering because it's so incredibly cold outside.  I'm ready to be warm.  I'm not asking for 100 degree weather, but the ability to wear flip-flops without freezing my toes off would be nice.  The one bright side is that if we continue our pattern of only moving during the summer it might not be so bad this time. 

Fortunately, everything else is going well.  We got some good news about the house we want.  It's not a guarantee, but our odds are at least a little bit better of getting it.  I'm hoping to hear something soon.  Here's hoping the bank really wants to sell us that house before they have to go through the foreclosure process on it. 

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