Wednesday, May 4, 2011

House Hunting

We are officially in the market to buy a house!  For the past few weekends DH and I have gone to look at the outside of houses we found online, but we found one last weekend that we wanted to see inside.  We happened to be driving downtown and noticed that the local office of a major real estate company happened to be open so we thought we'd see if they could help us out and answer some questions we had.  The meeting went great.  Our real estate agent even took us to see the house (which was a complete disaster) and he gave us the contact info for a broker who could help us get pre-approved.

We weren't sure what would come of the meeting.  DH and I were both nervous that they'd basically tell us they couldn't do anything for us.  We were wrong.  We qualify for pretty much what we had already figured we could afford.  That got DH really excited so last night we drove past a couple houses that we really want to check out.  Hopefully we'll get to check them out sometime this week. 

I am so excited to get this process moving.  We could have a new home by the end of the summer!

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