Sunday, May 1, 2011

Awesome Day

Today was wonderful.  DH and I spent the day together and had minimal plans.  From my earlier post, you can see that we decluttered a bit.  Then we went to lunch at a great new restaurant that we found.  They also have a little bakery so DH got a lemon bar and I got a lemon cupcake.  It was delicious.  It just might be the best lemon cupcake I've ever had. 

On our way home we noticed that the real estate office we drive by all the time was open (not something we expected on a Sunday) so we went in and talked with a real estate agent and even got to see inside one of the houses we had seen online.  The house sucked, but the experience was great.  We are very excited to get started on the house process.

Then we went for a walk so we could get outside and feed some ducks.  What we found instead were geese.  Tons and tons of geese.  So we fed them for a while and even found a mama goose on her nest.  That alone was exciting, but after feeding her at her nest so she wouldn't have to get up, she stood up to show us her brand new baby.  We could also see that two of the other 3 eggs had little tiny cracks from little chicks trying to make their way into the world.  She let us watch the baby for a little while then decided the show was over.  I wish I'd had my camera because it was amazing to see.  We were able to get surprisingly close.

Before we made it very far we noticed a fish in the pond that was at the top of the water and seemed to be struggling.  First, we thought it was sick, then DH noticed that it had a lure stuck in its mouth and on its side, which was why it looked so strange.  He found a large stick, pulled it to the edge of the pond, and (with a little help from a stranger passing by) saved the fish.  I am so proud of my husband and his desire to help people and animals. I think the mama goose appreciated it too because she showed off her baby one last time. 

After all that we came home and DH cooked a wonderful dinner.  We had our first corn on the cob of the season (one of my favorite foods of summer) and BBQ chicken.  I love having a husband that can cook. 

Overall, it was one of the best days I've had in a while. 

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