Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pieced Together

I finished piecing all the rows together.  Just a few steps left and it will be finished!

Here's what I have so far.  It still needs a border (and a lot of other steps), but the bulk of the work is done.  It's so exciting to see it looking like a real blanket now.

A close-up view:

As you can see I definitely need to work on lining up my corners.  The hardest part about that is that not all of my squares ended up the same size.  They're a little off in some places so they wouldn't line up no matter what I tried.  I think I need some sort of seam allowance guide on my machine.  It doesn't have anything on there to help me visualize the 1/4" that I needed.  I think that will be a treat for myself sometime soon.  Or maybe I'll get DH to get it for me for Valentine's Day. 

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