Monday, November 22, 2010


It snowed here on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  We woke up to 2-3 inches on the ground and a little more fell.  DH grew up not too far from where we are and never got snow.  It didn't snow the entire 16 years he lived there and the first year he moved away it snowed and it has snowed a little bit every year since.  I've never lived anywhere with snow.  This was a huge deal for us.  The only downside was the all-day power outage that we got to deal with.  It wasn't bad until it got dark though.  No heat or light sucks. 

Tonight we're under a storm watch because it's supposed to come back.  I keep looking outside to see if it has started.  This is an entirely new experience for us, but we're loving it.  It is absolutely beautiful outside right now.  Unfortunately, I can't even post the pictures I took.  The card reader on DH's computer doesn't work and the laptop is dead.  We just got a new computer for me, but it doesn't have a card reader and we don't have a cord to hook up the camera.  So we'll be going out to get a multi-card reader sometime soon so that I can put pictures on here.  It really is amazing how pretty a couple inches of snow can make everything.  Unfortunately, this storm and the excitement of a new computer have kept me from completing anything on the list.  I'm sure I'll get something done soon though. 

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