Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Asia map

I can label the countries on a map of Asia too.  I used a bunch of different maps because it's hard to find just one that includes all of Asia. 

All this geography stuff reminds me of my World History teacher in high school.  He passed away a couple months ago and I feel like students lost someone great.  The man got me interested in geography and got many years worth of students to at least know the basics.  For at least our sophomore year we knew the countries of Europe and Asia along with major cities, rivers and mountain ranges.  He believed that knowing geography was very important.  It helped make us competitive with other countries (since most Americans don't know much geography) and it also allowed us to really understand what was going on in the world. 

He was an amazing teacher in many ways and he even had a Facebook fan page for quite a while before he died.  He was inspirational and brilliant.  I hope that whoever replaces him recognizes what a huge space they have to fill and can teach that class with half the enthusiasm he had.  So, here's to you Mr. Hallen.  RIP.  And thank you for everything.

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