Thursday, April 7, 2011

A New Bed

A couple weeks ago DH and I made the decision that even though we didn't really want to spend the money, we desperately needed a new bed.  Neither of us were sleeping through the night because we kept running into each other.  We needed something bigger.  So we went out in search of a bed.  We mostly thought we'd just get an idea of what we were looking for and wait a little longer, but we found one that was perfect and had a price we could live with too.  Today, it got delivered and I am so excited to sleep on it tonight, although I might need a ladder.  It's really tall. 

The new (much larger) bed, necessitated us getting some new sheets and a new comforter.  So we picked up our comforter at Bed, Bath and Beyond (yay, gift card!) and some sheets from Target.  It's finally set up, but since none of our furniture matches, there is nothing on our walls, and it still looks more like a couple college students live in our bedroom, I won't be sharing any pictures.  I will, however, share some when it starts coming together and looking like an adult bedroom. 

So that means two more things crossed off my list and a comfortable night's sleep, which I am ridiculously excited about.  I'm also pretty happy that we now have a reasonable guest bedroom.  It's not put together yet, but it should be ready to go soon and I'm very happy about that.  Now if only we had our own house and I could paint and change things around and really make it feel like ours. 

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