Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Garden

 When we first moved into our place we had a nice little garden out front, but over the course of the last couple months we kinda let it die.  I wasn't thrilled with most of the plants that were in there to begin with and this winter was really bad so we never went out there and took care of it.  It looked like this at the start of last weekend

Yes, that is a fish tank you see.  We use it as the travel tank for our bearded dragon.

A view of the side

We wanted to fix it up and I wanted to grow some food plants, especially tomatoes.  So we made a trip to Lowes and bought a bunch of supplies.

And at the end of the day it looked like this

The purple plant at the top is freesia.  I couldn't tell you what the others are.  I couldn't find zinnias and these were pretty so we planted them.

This is the food part of our garden.  On the left is strawberries (which have grown and now have flowers on them) and tomatoes on the left.

The empty looking corner actually has garlic bulbs, then leftover irises we didn't want to move, and a tiny little zucchini plant.

It looks so much better out there now and I love that we will have fresh food grown from our own garden this summer.  Once we finally buy a house we'll be planting a lot more.  If you haven't tried growing your own fruit or vegetables before I highly recommend it.  The taste is so much better than the stuff in the grocery store and it's much cheaper to buy the plant and just pick what you need from your garden.

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