Thursday, March 24, 2011


Tuesday night DH and I decided to have nachos.  Our recipe was inspired by this blog post.  I was feeling lazy though and didn't feel like looking up the actual recipe so I just winged it. 

Here's my version:
  • 1 large can of cooked chicken
  • bag of chips
  • salsa
  • can of black beans
  • shredded cheese
I started by throwing a can of cooked chicken into a pot.  I broke it up because I wanted shredded chicken and these fall apart really easily.  Then I added a can of black beans, drained.  Then about 1/2 to 1 cup of salsa.  I let that heat up while I put chips on a plate.  We used whole grain chips and they were delicious.  Once heated, spread it over the chips and add some shredded cheese on top. 

They were really good.  Definitely something I'd make again.  This meal also convinced DH that nachos were more than just a snack food and could make a legitimate dinner. 

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