Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Etsy Reviews

I've received all of my packages from Etsy so I thought it was time to show off what I got and also let you know how I felt about each company I bought from.

First, we have Poppyseed Fabrics.  I bought this awesome dinosaur fabric from them.  I've been looking at it for a while.

It was shipped the same day I ordered it and arrived really quickly.  The seller included an invoice, which I appreciated so that I could make sure I'd gotten what I ordered without having to go back to my email. 

Second was Fabric Closet.  I ordered these two fabrics:

The polka dot one is from the new Riley Blake line that I love and the second is by Sandi Henderson and after eyeing it forever it went on sale so I had to have it.

I had another good experience, although this one didn't come with an invoice.  While not enough to keep me from ordering from them again, it would have been nice to have.  This one didn't ship until the next day, but still arrived quickly, even though she's in Colorado. 

Next up is Ladybug Quilt Shop.  I picked up two more fabrics from the Sanibel line by Henry Glass.

Again, I had a good experience.  This one didn't ship until two days after I ordered it, but since I could drive to her house in about 3 hours it still got here really quickly.  Again, no invoice. 

Last is probably my best experience.  While the others were by no means bad, this seller just seemed to put the extra effort into it.  I ordered these colorful babies from Zipit.

In addition to high quality items (which all the sellers had), she threw in a little something extra.  It's a cute little zipper pull that was attached to one of my zippers.

She also included a 10% discount on a future order, an invoice, and sent me a message within a couple hours after I purchased my items.  While this package took the longest (because the seller was in Wisconsin), it was shipped within the first couple hours.  It still only arrived a day after the others.

Overall, I'd have no problem ordering from any of the sellers again, but I'm very excited to have found Zipit and I'll probably be ordering most of my zippers from them from now on. 

Who are your favorite Etsy sellers? 

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