Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Arms Maker of Berlin

My most recent book was The Arms Maker of Berlin by Dan Fesperman.  It took a little bit of time to get into (it's another one that jumps between stories), but once I was in I read through it really fast.  It's the story of a historian named Nat Turnbull and his adventures trying to find some missing files that have something to do with his late friend and mentor who was a spy during World War II.  The book also jumps back to the story of Kurt Bauer, a famous arms maker, and his story during World War II from informing on others and losing the love of his life. 

I've found that I really enjoy books that have something to do with the resistance movements during World War II.  I'm not sure if the names of these groups are accurate as I've never done the research myself, but I like reading about their underground work trying to bring down Hitler and the Nazi regime. 

I think anyone who enjoys World War II historical fiction would like this.  It's got a bit of the same feel as Angels and Demons by Dan Brown with the main character following clues and racing against others to get to the information in time.  If you like that style you'd probably enjoy this book as well. 

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