Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 in 10

Since 2010 ends tomorrow, I thought I'd list 10 things that happened in 2010 that made me happy.

1.  We got married!  Back in April my husband and I finally got married after being together for over 4 years.  It was amazing and definitely the happiest day of my life. 

2.  We moved.  After 5 years of hoping and a year of actively trying we finally moved out of the crappy town we were living in and finally get to live in a beautiful area that we love.

3.  DH got a new job.  That job not only allowed us to move, but allowed us to pay our bills.  We were struggling to find a job that could do both.  It's also a thousand times better than his last job. 

4.  Maui.  We went there on our honeymoon.  It was so much fun and it is beautiful. 

5.  I got an interview.  After graduating a year and half ago and very little luck in the job department I finally got an interview for a job.  I still don't know if I got it, and it's not really what I wanted, but it's still an interview.

6.  Crafts.  I learned how to do a lot of new crafts this year.  I improved my cake skills and even came up with my own recipes.  I also learned to sew some basic things (and I plan to continue working on that). 

7.  This blog.  After a lot of thought I started this blog.  It doesn't have any regular readers yet, but I'm hoping to change that in the next year.

8.  We started looking at houses.  DH and I are starting to really plan and think about buying our own home and just starting made me happy.  Hopefully next year I can say we bought one. 

9.  A new car.  DH's old car was falling apart and was just generally horrible so we were finally able to get rid of it and get him something newer and safer.  I no longer have to worry about getting a call to tell me he's stranded on the freeway.

10.  Family and friends.  I am really lucky to have some wonderful people in my life and not being in school allowed me to spend a bit more time with some of them.  I didn't get to do as much as I'd like, but I still count myself lucky. 

What made you happy in 2010? 

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