Thursday, June 14, 2012

Thank you, Wil Wheaton

I read Wil Wheaton's blog religiously and he's mentioned a few times that a friend of his does this podcast called The Nerdist.  That little tidbit stuck in the back of my mind, but I didn't really do anything about it.  I've been really bored with my current music selection and I wanted something else to listen to while I'm by myself at work so I decided to check it out.  As it turns out, it's not the best idea for something to listen to at work because I'm too busy laughing hysterically to get much work done.  I learned that the hard way when my coworker came back from lunch and looked at me like I'd lost my mind because I was crying from laughing so hard and I was all by myself.  That said, it's still awesome and something you should definitely check out.  So far I've only listened to two of them (the one with Wil Wheaton and another with Jeri Ryan), but I can't wait to listen to others.  I highly recommend it. 

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