Friday, May 4, 2012

Happy Star Wars Day!

May 4th is Star Wars Day!  So to celebrate I thought I'd share a couple of my favorite Star Wars related things.

There are a lot of Star Wars cupcakes floating around the internet, but I think these are my favorites.  I wish I had the time and patience for something like these.  I'm pretty sure my husband would die of happiness if I made these for him.  I'm not entirely sure how they were made, but they're awesome.  Yoda and R2D2 are my favorites.

Speaking of R2, these shorts by Areyna Schmidt are amazing.  She painted them herself.  That's a lot of talent.

Lastly, the R2D2 ballerina.  There are no words for how awesome I think this is.  That outfit is gorgeous, perfect for a ballerina.  The fact that it's inspired by R2D2 just makes it that much better.

What sort of Star Wars inspired things have you seen lately?

May the fourth be with you (get it?).

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