Saturday, March 17, 2012

Memories of the Future

I finished reading the first volume of Memories of the Future by Wil Wheaton yesterday.  My morning ritual was to watch an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation and then read the corresponding chapter in the book.  It makes the book that much better because I know exactly what he's talking about. 

I loved reading this book.  It gave a behind the scenes look at some of the things that happened on the show and it's also hilarious.  More than once my husband would look at me like I'd suddenly sprouted a second head because I would just burst out laughing.  His writing style flows very well and I love his snarky sense of humor.  I imagine some fans would be a little put off by someone making fun of the show, but his love for the people he worked with and the work they did shows through. 

I'd love to read the second volume, but for whatever reason it's not available for the Kindle.  I guess I need to do some searching and maybe I can find another digital version to read. 

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