Friday, July 15, 2011

Crafter's Block

Crafter's block can be a thing, right?  I think I have it.  I have the desire to be crafty and make something, but I feel like I'm lacking inspiration.  It probably doesn't help that everything I find that I want to make is either for the home or for a baby.  We still haven't heard about our house (although our real estate agent thinks it will be soon) and I'm not pregnant yet so I feel strange working on projects in either of those categories.  I think I might buy some fabric so I can finally start working on a quilt that was supposed to be for our bed until we upgraded and got a giant bed.  I don't feel confident enough to make a king size quilt at this point.  I also feel like I should probably finish the quilt for DH's new cousin (who got here almost 2 months ago) before I start another project.  I have a recipe to post soon, and hopefully I'll find a fun project to work on soon. 

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